About Us

Cameron Wellness Centre is a unique and progressive Supply Nation registered and NDIS registered provider focused on providing comprehensive therapeutic services to people throughout Victoria and Darwin. As a First Nations-owned business, Cameron Wellness Centre is passionate about working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, and they warmly welcome people from all backgrounds, including people who speak English as a second language. Cameron Wellness Centre celebrates diversity and strives for inclusivity and fairness in all operations.

Our Values





Our core objectives

  • Bridging the gap between the quality of services that Indigenous Australians receive and what they deserve
  • Providing therapeutics supports and social community supports to people of all walks of life
  • Creating a safe space for people to feel included, understood, supported and heard
  • Helping people in a manner that respects their culture
  • Collectively building inclusion and positive outcomes for Indigenous people through NDIS

Our Team

Reece a Jupagalk Minang man living on Wadawurrung country is the co-founder of Cameron Wellness Centre and Occupational Therapy Advisory Board Member at Deakin University. Being involved in the Health & Fitness industry for over a decade, he understands the benefits of keeping your body and mind active to ensure a fuller quality of life. Reece along with Dean Sardellis established Cameron Wellness Centre for the purpose to not only help our Indigenous community, but all NDIS participants achieve their goals. Reece can be found at most Geelong Cats home games or spending quality time with his family.

Dean is the co-founder of Cameron Wellness Centre and is passionate all things NDIS and the Disability sector. He understands all sides of the NDIS by being a carer for his son, John. Dean’s passion coupled with his real-life experience motivated him to help create Cameron Wellness Centre and its ideologies. Dean is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years’ experience across diverse industries. On the weekend you can catch Dean supporting the Melbourne Demons and spending time with his family.

Mervin is a passionate and energetic individual with a background in Physiotherapy. As the Strategy & Organisational Lead, he is responsible for the design, coordination and oversees execution of the organisational strategy. Mervin specialises in strengthening Cameron Wellness Centre’s Employee Value Proposition to ensure continuous improvement and best practice across all operations. Mervin is a people person who enjoys building relationships, leading teams, and providing excellent customer service to stakeholders. Mervin enjoys a good coffee, taking his Yamaha R6 to the track and most of all loves spending time with his family.

Throughout her career as an Occupational Therapist, Nadine has dedicated herself towards being a compassionate, helpful, and understanding clinician and leader; with a key interest in providing evidence and strength-based practice. Nadine has extensive experience working within the NDIS, particularly with supporting all individuals across the lifespan from various backgrounds and capabilities. Nadine joins the Cameron Wellness Centre team as the Victoria State Manager, not only supporting participants but her team alike to grow as clinicians and future leaders.

Ann started her Occupational Therapy career in the Philippines in 2001 and came to Australia in 2004. She then completed her Master’s in Occupational Therapy Practice at La Trobe University in 2006. Ann has experience in providing adult-specific OT interventions in areas of complex assistive technology, home modifications, life skills training and complex behaviour interventions. She has worked in community settings most of her career working in the Aged Care, DVA, and the disability sector. Ann has been working within the NDIS space since its first roll out in western regional Victoria and metro suburbs of Melbourne. Her passion lies in providing good quality person-centred care to her clients and always striving for good quality outcomes. Ann is also a busy mother of two and enjoys gardening, baking, and going on nature walks along with her family and their dog Jessie.

Claudia has completed her Occupational Therapy degree in NSW before moving to the United Kingdom to gain experience as an OT in an international setting – which included adults, rehabilitation and undertaking disability assessments. Upon returning to Australia, Claudia has worked in the disability sector (adults and children) for the last 7 years. She now has a passion for working with children and helping them learn and setting them up to be independent and successful. For the last 4 years Claudia has been a Team Leader in Paediatric Occupational Therapy, passing on her knowledge to new therapists and providing training and support. In her spare time, Claudia enjoys going out for brunch with friends, exploring new restaurants and cafes as well as spending time with her pets.

Karen is the Clinical Manager and trained Speech Pathologist who is passionate about working in disability and with the Indigenous community. She particularly enjoys working with children and helping them learn. After graduating from Flinders University, she worked interstate before continuing her professional journey in Victoria. Karen has more than 15 years’ experience working in various settings including Community Health, Hospital, Subacute Rehabilitation, Aged Care and Disability. Karen has strong clinical experience working with complex clients and advocating for them. Karen believes in building collaborative relationships with participants and their families to empower them to reach meaningful and achievable goals. With the support of the Allied Health Professionals at Cameron Wellness Centre, Karen’s Speech Pathology expertise and leadership skills; she hopes to work with the already caring, efficient and effective team to continue to pursue their passion for helping children and adults reach their goals and full potential.

Rachel is a Paediatric/Early Intervention Occupational Therapist who has worked within the NDIS for 6 years across regional NSW in her early career and has now made Darwin home for the last 3.5 years. She is elected on the OTA board for the NT and supports universities for future OTs in Darwin. Her skillset is within child-led, strengths/play based intervention, and parent focused therapy for children under 6 years old. She understands the importance of setting meaningful goals with families and is supportive throughout the therapy journey. Her training in the Circle of Security program has also shaped her skills in attachment and trauma understanding to further support the families on her caseload. Her passions involve inclusion focused supports for daycares, preschools, and Transition, as well as supporting children across their natural environments. She is also motivated in nurturing the parent-child relationship through parent coaching and child development education. Rachel is described as patient, knowledgeable, and fun. She values neuro affirming practices and looks forward to further adopting this in her new role at Cameron Wellness Centre.

Gordana is the Administration Manager for the Melbourne region with an educational background in business management and accounting with over two decades of experience in administration and management. Gordana is passionate about achieving values-aligned work and being part of a team that is having a positive influence on the lives of people in the community. In her spare time Gordana likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also likes gardening, going on long walks and keeping busy with home improvement projects.

Married almost a decade to the most wonderful and supportive man imaginable. They absolutely live for and adore their 5yr old son Alexander. Alex was diagnosed with ASD level 2 in the beginning of last year and going through the process although difficult, has given them such amazing insight to the world of additional needs caring. Within their family, they have two beautiful golden retrievers Chloe and Cooper along with my 30 or so house plants. Laura prides on being a well-organised and dedicated office, personal and executive assistant with over 15 years’ experience in customer service. Laura is a committed, highly self-motivated and educated individual with vast experience in communication and organisational roles.

Ashleigh is an experienced speech pathologist who is passionate about supporting children and families. Ashleigh has worked across a wide range of health care settings, including private practice, community health, Autism Assessment Clinics and inpatient/outpatient hospital care. Ashleigh uses a functional, collaborative, and fun approach in her assessment and therapy sessions. She believes that engaging and empowering parents & caregivers is key to achieving family centred goals.

As a Speech Pathologist and proud Wiradjuri woman, Mel feels grateful to support people to develop and achieve their goals, whether that be to learn a new skill, or to develop strategies to maintain quality of life. Mel has a resourceful, flexible, creative approach that participants respond to positively. Mel enjoys supporting teenagers through to older adults in the areas of social skills, safe and enjoyable mealtimes, supporting people living with degenerative diseases or rehabilitating from injury.  Mel looks forward to finding out what is important to you and working together to make it happen. Mel has an extensive work history of helping others, time management, problem solving, planning, resource development and relationship building.

Jessica is a paediatric Speech Pathologist who has worked within the NDIS space for 3 years providing intervention across a range of areas including; social skills, speech and language, literacy and AAC. Jessica is particularly passionate about working with First Nations clients and their families, ensuring that they have the opportunity to receive culturally appropriate and meaningful therapy. Jessica loves continuously learning from her clients and feel as though they often teach her just as much as she teaches them! Jessica’s favourite thing about her role is being able to celebrate client wins with families/caregivers and watch their confidence grow.

Katrina is a speech pathologist who has been working in the NDIS space for the past year, with clients of all ages. She has delivered intervention across areas including AAC, social skills, literacy, speech and language. She is passionate about learning from her clients to create meaningful goals and understands the importance of building strong therapeutic relationships with her clients and their families. Katrina’s favourite thing about her role is getting the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and celebrate what makes them unique.

Russell enjoys seeing the people around him thrive, so as a Speech Pathologist he wants to support others to achieve meaningful improvements in their own lives – whether that be in the areas of swallowing, voice, or speech and language. Russell’s hope is that his work will empower people to eventually be able to give their support in kind to others. He approaches learning new things with enthusiasm and curiosity. Russell appreciates that we all have different skills and knowledge, and will always try to foster an empathetic, non-judgemental space. Russell is most looking forward to working with adolescents and adults in the areas of voice and swallowing.

Jacqui is a Senior Occupational Therapist with 5 years clinical experience and 4 years’ experience working in the NDIS space. Jacqui is a generalist OT that has experience in a range of areas including complex assistive technology, home modifications, behavioural intervention, psychosocial health, and NDIS housing options. Jacqui provides support to participants of all ages and diagnosis to build capacity in line with their goals.

Jenna has been working as a NDIS Community OT for over 2 and a half years and prior to this in Occupational Health and Rehabilitation settings. Jenna enjoys working with participants who present with a range of health conditions across all age ranges, with a key interest in psychosocial and behavioural interventions in youth and young adults, supporting these participants to get the most out of their day and skill build for greater levels of daily independence. Jenna’s broader skills include adult and paediatric functional assessment, assistive technology, psychosocial, cognitive and neurological assessment, and paediatric therapy. Jenna enjoys taking her dog Bentley out for long walks, hikes, to doggo play dates and brunch.

In the world of NDIS, Kate relishes her role as an OT generalist, working across the diverse spectrum of life. Kate aims to uplift participants’ quality of life, recognising the multitude of unique pathways to achieve this. Kate’s therapeutic approach is marked by collaboration and openness, ensuring a person-centred journey for each participant. She enjoys working towards the life goals that lead to greater participation and independence. In her own time, Kate enjoys finding a new op shop, gallery, or riverside town to explore and is always open to hearing about a recommendation for new places to adventure to.

Felicia is an Occupational Therapist with experience working with individuals of all age groups. Within the past 3 years, Felicia has had experience working within the community, acute and subacute settings. Felicia aims to work collaboratively with her participants to achieve the best outcomes and support them in reaching their fullest potential. In her free time, Felicia loves to spend time with her friends and family and try new restaurants.

Annabelle has been working as an Occupational Therapist in the NDIS space for over three years. She is passionate about working with adult clients to support them to improve their independence and complete activities that are meaningful for them. Annabelle loves getting to know her clients and find solutions that are specific to them and their goals. Annabelle specialises in areas such as functional capacity assessments, assistive technology, home modifications and NDIS housing options. 

Dannielle originally studied her Bachelors in Biomedical Science, however found her calling and studied a Masters of Occupational Therapy Practice. Some things that Dannielle loves about being an Occupational Therapist are constantly learning and growing, making new connections, and seeing the joy in participants and their family’s faces when they achieve a goal (big or small). Dannielle absolutely loves working with kids of all ages, and values taking a collaborative approach with their family to make sure we see the best outcomes. If you get to meet Dannielle, you’ll see that she is a colourful and approachable person who is open to chat. Outside of work, Dannielle loves to spend time with family, soak up some sun, and bake yummy treats! 

Meg is an Occupational Therapist with experience working within the NDIS space over the last 2 years. Meg has experience working with participants across the lifespan to support them to participate in meaningful occupations. Meg has a special interest in working with young children and their families, supporting them to achieve their goals and participate in activities of enjoyment. Outside of work, Meg enjoys spending time at the beach and walking her dog Ted.

Caitlin graduated of the Master of Occupational Therapy Practice, with a background in Health Sciences, and disability support work. Caitlin loves constantly learning new things, being able to come up with creative solutions in collaboration with participants, and helping participants reach their goals. Through her experiences, Caitlin has interests in Paediatrics, sensory processing, and Assistive Technology. In her spare time, you’ll find Caitlin coaching or playing netball, baking yummy treats, or at a Hawthorn or Melbourne Vixens game.

Jema is an Occupational Therapist who is a compassionate and enthusiastic individual with a background in paediatrics, particularly in the areas of emotional regulation, fine/gross motor skills, handwriting, sensory regulation, and social skills. Jema is always striving to learn more about best practices and her clients themselves. She is particularly passionate about working with families as a team and embedding neuro-affirming practice into everything she does – it is all about working with her clients’ strengths and not trying to change who they are. Jema is very much a relationships person and loves getting to know all the wonderful children and families she works with.

Caitlyn is an Occupational Therapist who has worked within the NDIS space for over 4 years and is specifically passionate for working in early childhood intervention. Caitlyn is committed to fostering strong therapeutic bonds with clients and their families, whilst facilitating a safe and trusting atmosphere. Caitlyn aims to empower her clients to realise and achieve their full potential. In her spare time, Caitlyn loves socialising with her friends and family, exploring in nature and going on adventures. Eager to learn from those around her and enhance her skill set, Caitlyn is excited to embark on this new chapter in her career.

Monika has lived with disability since she was a teen and has been involved with the NDIS since 2016. Working as an Occupational Therapist is more than just a job for Monika. She loves to help create change for people and families – either through building skills, prescribing equipment, assisting with modifications, and assisting  people working towards their goals. Monika feels that she can make the biggest impact as an OT, by working with people with disabilities based on her own lived experience. Monika loves that her role allows her to build relationships with NDIS participants, and their families. Strong relationships are a great foundation for positive outcomes and achievements. Often the most important thing for Monika is to be a part of someone’s journey and seeing regular progress and smiles.

Marli is excited to continue developing her skills to support individuals, families & groups to grow and flourish in alignment with their goals.  Marli feels most inspired when working with First Nations, rural health, paediatric and chronic condition settings, and she is highly passionate about mental health and creating a safe, trauma informed and non-judgemental space. Throughout her Occupational Therapy degree, Marli worked in optometry, NDIS, LGBTQIA+ and homelessness support spaces. She believes that it is important to acknowledge that people are the experts in their needs, and to take a curious and empathetic approach to developing rapport. Marli loves all things health and fitness, and you can find her reading, adventuring, watching sport or jumping in an ice bath on the weekend.

Phoebe has experience with sensory integration concepts and sensory diets. She finds immense joy in devising innovative solutions to challenges, often through the medium of play. Whether she is working with children, adolescents, or adults, Phoebe discovered a special fondness for paediatrics and early intervention. This focus allows her to apply her knowledge and skills in a way that can make a significant impact on the lives of children and their families.

Claire has completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) and researched Sexual Well-being and Chronic pain. Claire is passionate about working with clients to achieve their goals and improve their well-being. She enjoys working with people of all ages and walks of life and has experience working in Mental Health, Paediatrics, Neurological Rehabilitation and Hand Therapy. Before working as an Occupational Therapist, Claire was a Face Painter and Children’s Entertainer and still loves Art and Theatre.

Hilda is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for assisting adults in achieving independence. Her professional background revolves around supporting individuals facing challenges in living independently. She firmly believes in a client-centred approach, where understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each individual is paramount. By maintaining transparent communication and fostering a problem-solving mindset, she strives to ensure positive outcomes in practice. Hilda is committed to ongoing career development, continuously seeking opportunities to expand her skills and knowledge to better serve her clients.

Dr Negar Miri Lavasani has finished a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and a Master of Science degrees in Psychology and train children with difficulties from overseas. She also holds a PhD degree in Occupational therapy from Deakin University. Through many years of doing clinical work and researching to know and understand children’s differences, Dr Negar has gained valuable experiences. Now she can share that with families in need and try to help the children with difficulties develop and improve their skills and engage in the same meaningful activities as their typically developing peers through synergy between clinical expertise and research-informed perspective. Dr Negar has developed the ‘Smarties’ group program, which is a 6-week group therapy plan for children with developmental, physical, emotional, or cognitive impairments to experience and engage in meaningful activities. Dr Negar’s research background allows her to keep up to date with the latest advancements in the field and apply evidence-based practices in her work.

Sarah is an Allied Health Assistant who is currently a third-year speech pathology student at the Australian Catholic University. Sarah has been working in the NDIS sector for many years and is eager to continue learning and forming connections with those around her. Sarah is driven by making a positive change and building meaningful relationships with participants and their families. Sarah enjoys spending her Sundays with a coffee in hand and a walk around her local area.

Travis is a 3rd year Occupational Therapy student at Deakin University. His interest areas include paediatrics, mental health, and neurological rehabilitation. Travis is currently going through a big career change into the health industry as he finds it satisfying to be helping others gain their independence and empowering them to live the life they want to live. In his free time, Travis loves to hang out with his family, play ice hockey, and watch sport (Ice-Hockey, Football, Motorsport). Travis looks forward to furthering his development through the Allied Health Assistant role to become a competent, collaborative and supportive Occupational Therapist.